Deck the Halls With Closing Binders for More Than $200,000,000 in Transactions

In a season filled with celebrations, GERSON LAW FIRM APC assisted financial industry clients in celebrating closings of more than $200,000,000 in lending related transactions.

Among highlights from Wall Street CDOs to local credit union transactions were:

  • Four CDO closings for multifamily and commercial properties in both California and Utah in the amount of $27,800,000.
  • Freddie Mac transactions in both California and Oregon, including two Freddie Mac loans in Oregon for a combined amount of more than $50,000,000, which are cross defaulted and cross collateralized.
  • Fannie Mae loan transactions in California and Utah for more than $26,000,000.
  • Loan sale of a portfolio of credit union loans valued at more than $75,000,000.
  • Gordon L. Gerson also was a speaker in Irvine, California at the California Mortgage Banker Association Executive Round Table, which included 20 heads of California’s largest mortgage banking companies. Mr. Gerson, who was the sole lawyer invited to participate in this year’s roundtable, spoke on identity theft issues and mortgage brokers liability under the Leach Biley Graham Act, broker liability for negligent referrals, and other issues.


GERSON LAW FIRM APC represents clients on all matters real estate and business related, both transactional and litigation. GERSON LAW FIRM APC is nationally recognized for its representation of some of the nation's largest lenders on loan closings, special servicing, and enforcement proceedings throughout the United States. GERSON LAW FIRM APC practice includes representing lenders closing loans under Fannie Mae's DUS Lending Program and Freddie Mac's Program Plus for multifamily investments. GERSON LAW FIRM APC represents major national banks, life insurance companies, and private funds in all matters lending related, including originations and loss mitigation strategies, for hotels, office buildings, shopping centers, multifamily and construction.