With deep experience in all aspects of commercial real estate finance and especially in the multifamily sector, our Affordable Housing Action Group @GERSONLAW includes a team of attorneys available for:

  • Closing GSE Affordable Housing multifamily programs for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  • Creation of Affordable Housing programs.
  • Closing Affordable Housing loans for banks.
  • Closing Affordable Housing programs for credit unions.
  • Closely working with Municipalities/Redevelopment Agencies in structuring and negotiating regulatory agreements and subordination agreements.
  • Comprehensive Review of Section 8 HAP documentation and subordination. 
  • Community Reinvestment Act programs for banks and credit unions.
  • Community Initiatives.
  • Corporate Initiatives.
  • Community leadership.

GERSONLAW supports Affordable Housing as part of our commitment to ESG best practices and our driving commitment to doing what we may do best to better our communities.