Autumn Colors Loan Transactions

October 31, 2006
Posted in: News
By: Gerson

While some watched the color of the autumn leaves turn in October, GERSON LAW FIRM APC gilded the color of transactions on the west coast.

GERSON LAW FIRM APC was engaged by lenders in a high volume of commercial real estate secured transactions on the west coast including CDO, Freddie Mac, Credit Union participation loans, bank participation loan, and Fannie Mae. Transactions included a portfolio of three Fannie Mae loans in Los Angeles, a Washington state Freddie Mac loan, credit union loans in more than 10 different states, and assisted one of the country’s largest small lender program loans ($500,000 to $5,000,000), in more than five states.

Gordon L. Gerson also attended the American College of Mortgage Attorneys annual conference in Dana Point, where he participated as a Fellow.