June 1, 2012
Posted in: News
By: Gerson

GERSON LAW FIRM APC successfully represented lenders in a succession of loan closings and loan asset recoveries throughout May 2012.

GERSON LAW FIRM closed more than $120,000,000 of commercial and multifamily loans, for credit unions as well as for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Lender engaged loan closings were in Alabama, California, Colorado, and Ohio. Among loan assumption transactions on lender engagements, a major loan assumption in Indiana was also handled by GERSON LAW FIRM’s finance team.

GERSON LAW FIRM during May also engaged in several receivership actions throughout Southern California counties, as well as working with local counsel in Nevada and Oregon in successfully obtaining orders for receivers. GERSON LAW FIRM’s asset recovery lawyers also worked with counsel in several other states throughout the country in foreclosures of commercial real estate. Foreclosures were completed on two Jiffy Lube locations in Tennessee, and are on-going in several other states.

“Expertise counts when money matters,” said Gordon L. Gerson, managing principal of GERSON LAW FIRM. “We are loan dollars-centric in our practice. It sharpens your focus when you approach every engagement as your own dollars at risk,” he added.