GERSON LAW FIRM APC Approved as Counsel by FDIC

December 1, 2008
Posted in: News
By: Gerson

GERSON LAW FIRM APC has entered a legal services agreement with the FDIC effective as of December 1, 2008. The legal services agreement is not an engagement for specific services, but allows GLF to be considered by the FDIC when there is a need for outside counsel.

Gordon L. Gerson represented the Resolution Trust Corporation in the 1990s on a high volume of receivership, foreclosure and other loan recovery matters. GLF was engaged by the RTC immediately upon its formation in 1993, and for several years thereafter closely worked with funds and private investor groups acquiring portfolios of RTC loans, in all matters loan recovery related.

GLF is positioned to meet the needs of special servicers, funds and investors in all matters loan recovery related. GLF has a national reputation for both the level of service it provides the financial industry, as well as its ability to accept engagements on fixed fee, limited scope and other alternative arrangements.