November 3, 2020
Posted in: News
By: Gerson

Low interest rates fueled a hot October of commercial real estate loan closings for GERSON LAW FIRM APC.

Topping a month of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae multifamily lender engagements were three large Freddie Mac CME loans. These include: An October 30, 2020 closing of a $23,310,000 loan secured by a 141 unit apartment complex in Santa Rosa, California, as well as two loans which are part of a three-loan portfolio in Oregon.  This included a $30,840,000 loan secured by a 257 unit apartment project in Corvallis, Oregon and a  $10,200,000 loan secured by a 99 unit apartment project in Forest Grove, Oregon. The third loan in the Oregon portfolio is a $17,300 loan secured by a 181 unit apartment project in Talent, Oregon and closing the first week of November.

During a month of pumpkins and pleasant autumn days, GERSON LAW FIRM, continued to be a year-to-date leader among law firms nationally closing Freddie Mac multifamily loans for lenders who are seller/servicers of Freddie Mac small loans referred to as Freddie Mac SBLs.

Also among GERSON LAW FIRM October engagements were matters for borrowers, loan servicing manners, and pandemic related issues affecting owners of commercial real estate.