December 18, 2023
Posted in: News
By: Gerson

So many mixed headlines about CRE lending in 2024, but our favorite caroling in the days before Christmas are the two following evergreen snippets:

“If CBRE is right, there is plenty of capital for dealing. The company estimated north of $250 billion in dry powder sitting on the sidelines at the end of 2023. But with caution comes patience. They only suggested that “some of this capital” will get deployed through 2024. Perhaps investors are waiting to see exactly what happens and maybe, the degree to which distressed opportunties might come into play. Whatever the case, they’re expecting a 5% year-over-year drop in transactions, which is far better than the 45% drop in 2023.”

“2024 might not be the most exciting year for commercial real estate or CMBS, but it’s continuing to provide its function,” said Darrell Wheeler, vice president and senior credit officer of research at Moody’s.” The special servicers are doing their roles, the originators are doing theirs, and investors are still very involved in private production.”

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