September 6, 2010
Posted in: News
By: Gerson

Summer 2010 has come to an unofficial close. During the summer months of June, July and August, GERSON LAW FIRM APC looks back at more than $150,000,000 of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae multifamily loan closings on lender engagements.

“We are a closing boutique for national lenders licensed to close Fannie Mae and Freddie multifamily loans,” said Gordon L. Gerson. “We know of only one or two law firms in the Western United States that closes commercial real estate and multifamily loans on lender engagements on a high volume basis, and delivers at the same level of expertise.” He added, “GERSON LAW FIRM will not be out priced on lender engagements.”

GERSON LAW FIRM APC‘s summer lender engagements were for closings throughout California, Arizona, Utah, and Washington. GERSON LAW FIRM APC was also called upon to close a Fannie Mae loan assumption on a project in Chicago.

During the same time period, lawyers of GERSON LAW FIRM APC were actively engaged in representing commercial real estate lenders and special servicers on loan modifications, receiverships and foreclosures.