December 6, 2010
Posted in: News
By: Gerson

Throughout 2010 there has been increasing demand for lender representation on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac multifamily financing at GERSON LAW FIRM APC. The year end loan volume began to surge in early November, and lawyers at GERSON LAW FIRM APC provided lender representation on closings involving more that $50,000,000 on multifamily loans.

Among Fannie Mae closings was a portfolio of four loans for multifamily properties in Northern California involving more that $40,000,000 of fixed rate ten year demand. During the same thirty day period, among other multifamily closings were loans in Southern and Northern California.

“As significant as November 2010 closings appear, more important is the ground work we have laid in November for December and the first quarter of 2011, “said Gordon L. Gerson, managing principal of GERSON LAW FIRM APC. “We have been working on several Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac multifamily loans that will not close until the last few weeks of the year. We anticipate an extraordinary year end measured by any standard.”

During the same months in which year end closings surged, GERSON LAW FIRM APC also met a growing need among other lenders to provide litigation support in foreclosure, receivership, and other loan enforcement remedies. “We meet the demand of financial institutions no matter the need. This means not only multifamily and commercial loan originations, but in many instances, problem loan resolution on loans secured by multifamily and commercial property. It is doubtful that any law firm in the country has a practice that meets both demands in the same high volume.”