May 5, 2012
Posted in: News
By: Gerson

GERSON LAW FIRM continued to cater for the apartment market’s strong appetite for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac multifamily finance, closing more than $85,000,000 in loans as lender’s counsel in April 2012.

Loans closed were for apartment projects on the west coast as far north as Seattle and to Long Beach in the south, and from the desert in Scottsdale, AZ to the coast. Loans ranged from $21,000,000 to $718,000. During the same thirty day period, GERSON LAW FIRM closed five commercial real estate loans for credit unions which were secured by commercial property outside California.

GERSON LAW FIRM continues to work with clients on distressed debt. Within the past ten days it has closed a loan sale for more than $2,000,000, successfully initiated a receivership in Los Angeles County, and undertaken four new receivership cases, including two in California and three outside of California where it will engage and supervise local counsel. GERSON LAW FIRM also continues to be active in commercial REO sales having closed one in Michigan during the last week of April 2012.